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 [MUST READ] Report Player Guidelines (READ ME FIRST)

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PostSubject: [MUST READ] Report Player Guidelines (READ ME FIRST)   Thu Dec 03, 2015 6:16 am

[Image: report_player.png]
If you have been involved in an incident with another player who has broken a server rule on purpose then this is where you need to post your report on them. Please think carefully on whether you actually need to report them or not. Have you tried resolving the issue yourself by talking to them? This forum should be a LAST RESORT if you cannot resolve a situation yourself or if it gets hostile.

[Image: does_my_situation_warrant_a_player_report.png]

Before you make a thread, ask yourself the following 5 questions:

• Has the player hacked?
• Has the player massively impacted negatively upon your game-play and caused you to lose something?
• Has the person broken a server rule on PURPOSE?
• Has the player being reported really offended you via their comments?
• Has the player abused any server bugs?

If the answer is YES to either of those questions above then please read on. If not, then you are in the wrong place and should not be continuing with submitting a report on a player. If you continue and submit a report knowing full well that your problem is not report worthy, you may find yourself being the one landed in trouble. Remember that admins have to take a lot of time to investigate reports and will not tolerate having petty reports being posted in disregard of these guidelines set out before you. If you are called a "noob" or an "idiot" then just get over it. Learn to ignore others and not take everything to heart.

Similarly, if the player is new and has done something without knowing then please just tell them or teach them what to do next time. There is no need to report others just out of spite to get them punished. Help eachother and remember what it is like to be new. The majority of the time players do not know they have broken a rule in doing what they did, so calmly explain to them what they have done and they will most likely apologise and offer some sort of option for you both to take in how to proceed. For example, if someone has bunny-hopped on several occasions in an attempt to kill a Human Player, simply tell them they have broken a rule and should stop it. If the situation gets hostile, THEN post it here and not before. Likewise if they stop it and apologise then do not post a report on them.

Reports on Staff Member's

NOTE: If you need to report a member of the staff team for any problems caused, then please create a thread in the staff complaint's section. Reports here are ONLY for those who are regular server players that have broken the official server rules, and not for those who are a Member of the staff. For more information on reporting Staff Member's, please see THIS thread.

[Image: making_your_report.png]

Please check this thread for a list of all the IG Server Rules. You will need to know the rule number which has been broken.

Please use the following template when constructing a report. More information on how to fill out each question is listed below. Fill out each and every section as fully as you can. Do not treat the thread as a skype conversation - be clear and concise and include all the necessary information in the first post if you can.

Your name in-game: -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE
Player you are reporting: -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE
Date of incident: -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE
Time of incident: -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE

Rule broken:

Quote :
-PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE - Find the rule here http://uzagaming.board-directory.net/  (ENTIRE rule must be pasted)

How was this rule broken?: -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE

Evidence to support your claim: -PLACE-YOUR-TEXT-HERE

• Player you are reporting: Insert the players name that you are reporting here.
• Date of incident: Insert the full date of when this happened here. e.g. 01/06/13 (Not "Today" or "Yesterday") - This helps with checking any server logs
• Time of incident: Insert the time of when it happened here. e.g. 13:30 - This helps with checking any server logs
• Your Ingame name: Put your ingame name here. This helps to distinguish who you are in the screenshots
• Other witnesses involved: Simply list the names of anyone else involved or who were around and witnessed this. This helps if we need to ask for more evidence or statements from other players. This section MUST only contain a list of names and nothing else.
• Rule broken: Please copy and paste the ENTIRE rule from the thread linked above inside the quote tags. This helps the admin to know exactly what you are claiming the player has broken.
• How was this rule broken?: Explain fully how this rule was broken, including what happened and why it should not have happened. Please be as descriptive as you can but do not waffle. Be clear and concise and bullet point any of your main points at the end as a summary to aid the admin in dealing with your claim
• Evidence to support your claim: Please post screenshots here (see below for more information)
• Other notes: Add any other information here which does not fit in the categories above and is relevant to the report.


All reports that get posted must have some form of evidence to show the player being reported breaking the rules. Without any evidence your report will just be locked as there is nothing the admins can do without solid proof. In order of preference, acceptable forms of evidence are as follows:

• Screenshots - These are vital and are the most important forms of evidence that should be used on all reports. Please try and use multiple screenshots if possible to help support your claims. These screenshots CANNOT be edited by any means and must be posted in full. Even if you just cut out the main parts like the chat box - don't. We need the entire screenshot posted in the thread. Please do not post things like "Will post on request" or "Will PM to admin" as this just wastes everyones time. If you are serious about reporting someone then you will need to supply evidence in the main report.

Please make sure you don't resize your screenshots at all, especially not through websites (such as imageshack) because it makes the text on them difficult to read. If you don't wish to post large image files in the actual thread, you're more than welcome to use the [spoiler] BB code or simply post direct links to the screenshots.

Do NOT post links to galleries. We need the direct link to the screenshot and try to use a trusted image hosting services such as imageshack, imgur or upload.ee.

• Videos - If you are the type of player who records their gameplay then feel free to upload a video to show exactly what happened. Remember that videos will often make the text difficult to read so it is still wise to supply screenshots along with the video for clarification. Make sure it is of a high quality, is un-edited and is uploaded to a trusted site such as Youtube.

• Chat logs - Chat logs may only be used if supported by screenshots. It is easy to edit chat logs so their content must be backed up with physical proof of the text being there on screenshots.

• Other players/witnesses - This must be backed up by solid proof (such as screenshots) aswell. If any other players were around who witnessed what happened then they may also come and post their evidence and statement about what happened on your thread. Ensure that their name is clearly listed in the "Other witnesses" section of your report. Note: DO NOT post if you are just saying "Confirming." If you don't have anything extra to contribute to the thread then do not post at all. Players that do this will be forum warned, unless that player is a member of staff of which we can take their confirmation into account.

Informing players of the report

Please take the time to inform the reported player that they have been reported and they need to post their defence if they wish to do so ASAP. It helps to screenshot the chatbox of you informing them (and their reply incase they are AFK!) to prove they are aware of it. Also, please note in the "Other notes" section of the report CLEARLY that they have been informed and include your screenshot if you managed to get one. Not only does this speed up the investigation but does not waste an admin's time by reading the thread, and then asking you to do this when it should have been done already.

Also please make the witnesses you have listed in the report aware that you have posted it. Should they have any extra information to add then please make sure they do this. Once again, they must also have evidence to support their claims and may ONLY post details of the situation that has been reported and not to bring in any new situations which have no relevance.

[Image: what_happens_next.png]

An admin will review your report. If the reported player has posted their defence then the admin will determine what the outcome should be based on the information in front of them. However, you are more than welcome to come to an agreement between yourselves (such as agreeing to ignoring what had happened, or giving back XP/paying compensation for what happened etc.) in which case the admin handling the report will simply lock and archive the thread for you. Remember that you may find yourself better off by trying to resolve the issue between you before an admin gets involved and use this forum as a last resort if the attempts have failed.

Depending on the situation, the severity and remorse displayed by those involved, the admin will take action and close the report. This may range from anywhere between a warning or temporary ban up to a permanent server ban. You do not have a say in whether there should be a punishment and what it should be. This is not a forum for you to just try and get people in trouble. People reporting others out of spite just to see them punished will find THEMSELVES punished instead. You have been warned.

If the report is found in your favour and you have lost any items/belongings which are refundable (Please check this thread for more information) then the handling admin will post authorisation that you may submit a refund request. Make sure that you provide a link in that refund request to the Player Report thread in order to get refunded.
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[MUST READ] Report Player Guidelines (READ ME FIRST)
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