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 My Admin Apply

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PostSubject: My Admin Apply   Wed Dec 09, 2015 8:10 am

[In-Game Name]'s
- In-Game Name:[Gangsta]Man
- Country:Indonesia
- Timezone (GMT):(UTC+07.00)Bangkok,Hanoi,Jakarta
- Age:12
- Which server(s) do you play on:...||ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE||... [Ultra-H.com]
- Rate your activity (1-10):8
- Rate your English (1-10):10
- How long have you been a part of the Community:1 Days
- List of the previous names you have used:Not Yet
- Have you ever been banned before? If so, explain why:No Yet
- Tell us a little bit about yourself (100 words min.):Im a boy Called Rony,im 12 years old,and im live in Indonesia With my Family,and Me still children
- Why do you want to become an administrator? (100 words min.):Helping Newbie player,Kicking/banning Hacker,and inviting Player to play this server
- Why should you be picked above all other applicants? (100 words min.):I just want to help and Play this server
- Are you an admin on (any) other server(s):Yes in samp 0.3z Cod WW2 (XP SERVER)
- Are you aware of the dark side of being a staff member:Of course i am
Stats Screenshot (/stats):
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My Admin Apply
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